commercial bubble waffle maker

Commercial Bubble waffle maker with changeable pan:

Features of our bubble waffle maker:

  1. Changeable Pan: Only open and close two screws the pan can be changed easily by any one. 3 layer high quality food grade non stick teflon coating. 180° rotating function for optimal dough distribution.
  2. Aluminum: High density aluminum without impurity.
  3. Heating Tube: Use heating tube instead of heating plate
Bubble waffle machine

Electric Egg Waffle Maker  Machine FY-6

Features of our commercial egg waffle maker:

1. Material: Stainless steel + Non-Stick Aluminum plate

2. Most economic and popular model, temperature range: 50-250℃, with timer 0-5 minutes.


Egg Puff Waffle Maker

Egg Puff Waffle Maker Stainless Steel EGO Temperature Controller

  • HIGH LEVEL AND SAFE MATERIALS – Metal parts are made of Industrial Stainless steel with perfect appearance and easy to clean.  Rotatable 180℃ degrees mechanism with a high-resource teflon coating with nonstick. 
  • EASY TO USE – There is nothing difficult to cook a delicious egg waffles. You can watch our egg waffle maker video in our website. Additionally we will put to the box a detailed instruction of how to use this egg puff waffle maker. 


Egg waffle maker electric

Egg waffle maker electric type commercial bubble waffle maker

Material: Stainless steel + Aluminum plate
Commercial Electric Egg Waffle Maker
Packing size:735*400*230MM
Voltage: 220~240V


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