Fast food equipments  wholesale price from China

Nowadays fast food equipments like bubble waffle makers are becoming more and more popular around the world. It’s different from other traditional waffles, it tastes crispy outside and soft inside. You can add different flavor inside like ice cream ball, candy, chocolate or any flavor you like.

Bubble waffles are also called Hong Kong egg waffles, it’s originated in the 1950s. It’s a famous Hong Kong snack food which make by eggs, sugar, butter, flour, evaporated milk, mixed all of them into egg batter, in recent years the recipe has been improved and developed to meet different taste and flavor.

If you like to make egg waffles in event on the outside field, we’d like to recommend you gas model FY-6A.R, with its environmental friendly infrared burner, it will be more convenient to use gas model in places which without electricity.

If you are looking for one with high cost performance, FY-6 bubble waffle machine is your best choice, it’s our top selling model. With 3 layer high density non stick Teflon coating, it have longer service time which compare with comparable products in the market.

FY-6Y this model is more suitable for upgrade hotel/chain restaurant, with its exquisite exterior and high quality EGO German brand temperature thermostat, temperature differences can be controlled within ±5℃.

As digital bubble waffle makers is more popular in Europe market, we designed 2 excellent digital bubble waffle machine FY-6H and FY-6E, you can see and adjust temperature within ±1℃ on computer board, the attractive point in design is FY-6E with invisible metal hose which can keep the whole kitchen looks very tidy and clean.

All our egg waffle machines are applied heating plate element which with high density thermal fuse inside, it can guarantee the even heating during the cooking.
Now we are kitchen equipment manufacturer which with most complete bubble waffle makers in China market.

Some new design like FY-6E, FY-GL01 with advanced technique are during the test, you can contact us to inquiry more information:

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High quality heating plate instead of heating tube to make sure it is fast, even heating and long time using, our heating plate can work 8-12 hours per day.