Egg puff maker maintenance tips from professional chef:

1.Pan MUST be open when pre-heating(if closed the temperature inside is much more higher than open, long time high temperature is not good for Teflon coating)

2.If egg puff maker is an additional product to your shop, please keep temperature under 80℃ when there’s no customer, it’s better to turn off the machine if there’s long time no customer.

3.If egg puff maker is main product in your shop, 3-4 units machine is suggested, they can be replaced every two hours.

4.Use bamboo stick to take out waffle, do not use any metal tool to take out waffle. If there’s black dots appear on the pan surface, it can be judged that the caramel with Teflon coating is falling off (Caramel is when oil and sugar do not clean for a long time, it can not be seen by visual inspection, it turns into black dots and stick on waffles) The best solution is changing heating pan.

5.Use wet towel to clean the pan, if anything difficult to wipe off, use professional kitchen glue brush, put some water on pan, heat the water a bit, it’s easier for cleaning.


Egg puff maker manufacturer

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