High-quality service – without exceptions!

1. Any user who buy our products of kitchen equipment series will enjoy 6 months warranty.

2. When you receive parcel, please check it on the spot. If machine is damaged, please take photos and take complaint number from couriers and reject to pick up machines, they will take machinse back, then they will investigate it and send machines again after Courier, you and us have agreed with the solution, if you have signed on the courier documents,  Courier will take goods are in good condition and will not offer solution.

3. If the machine broken under warranty, we will send some spare parts for repair, such as heating element, heating plate and thermostat. You just need to pay shipping cost. Video of how to replace parts will be sent to you if needed.

4. You can buy some spare parts. We will send it with machine together so that you could replace in time.

5. If the product is not covered by the warranty, our customer service still warmly serve for you. If it need to replace parts of the product, we only charge parts fee and transportation costs.

6. One of the following conditions are not covered by the warranty.
A. As consumers use, storage, maintenance, damage caused by improper
B. Product damage caused by improper maintenance of other companies.
C. No valid invoice or proof of purchase.
D.Product damage caused by force majeure.