Project Description

Eggette Waffle Maker Digital Electric Bubble Puff Waffle Maker

  • Material: Stainless steel + Aluminum plate
  • Model: FY-6E
  • Voltage: 220~240V
  • Power: 1436W
  • Plug: Europe plug ,British plug, American plug, Swiss plug, South Africa plug etc.

Features of eggette Waffle Maker:

  1. 3 layer quality non-stick Tefloncoating
  2. Accurate temperature difference which can adjust within ±1℃
  3. Electronic display screen which can see the temperature and time
  4. Quick and even heating with heating plate
  5. Big capacity stainless steel residue tray


Comparison of commercial bubble waffle maker:

FY-6 Electric model FY-6Y Electric model FY-6E Digital model
Material: Austenite stainless steel Material: Austenite stainless steel Material: Austenite stainless steel
SS thickness: 0.6mm SS thickness: 0.8mm SS thickness: 1mm
Dimension:340*220*250mm Dimension:340*220*250mm Dimension:445*320*280mm
Power: 1415W Power: 1415W Power: 1436W
Volt: 110v/220-240v Volt: 110v/220-240v Volt: 220-240v
Temperature difference: ±8℃ Temperature difference: ±5℃ Temperature difference: ±1℃
Heating pan: Aluminum Heating pan: Aluminum Heating pan: Aluminum
Teflon coating: 3 layers Teflon coating: 3 layers Teflon coating: 3 layers
Thermostat: China brand Thermostat: Germany EGO brand Thermostat: integrated circuit plate
Timer: 5 minutes Timer: 5 minutes Timer: customized
Heater: Heating panel Heater: Heating panel Heater: Heating panel


Q: I’m getting started my business for egg waffle machine, which model should I buy?

A: If you are running your restaurant/café, we suggest you to take FY-6Y or FY-6E, which with upscale exterior and medium price.

Q: What temperature should I set when using FY-6E to cook bubble waffle?

A: Temperature setting depends on the recipe you use, for longer service time the best temperature setting is during 180-185℃.

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide if any quality issue for bubble waffle maker FY-6E?

A: If any quality issue within 6 months, we will provide free elements for you to change, if the issues are caused by improper operation, we can provide elements with charges.

Q: I’d like to sell this hong kong egg waffle maker in our market, can I put my logo on machine?

A: If your order quantity above 50units, we can provide free drop rubber logo, which can stick on machine.

Comparing different models of commercial bubble waffle maker:

Bubble Waffle Maker


Eggette Waffle Maker Digital Electric Bubble Puff Waffle Maker

  • Model: FY-6E
  • Packing Size: 595*360*320MM
  • Dimensions: 445*320*280MM
  • Gross Weight: 12KG
  • Power: 1436W
  • Volts:220-240V

Standard carton box with foam inside for package
Or Polywood packed with carton if needed

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