Project Description

Commercial Egg Cooker Kitchen Equipment Use in Hotel
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 405*385*300MM
Model No.: FY-918
Power: 2000W
Plug: Europe plug ,British plug, American plug, Swiss plug, South Africa plug etc.

  • Egg boiler with 12 egg spoons
  • For soft and hard boiled eggs
  • Egg spoons in different colours
  • Egg boiler made from stainless steel
  • 2000W power
  • Protection against overheating
  • Temperature from 30°C to 110°C

The commercial egg cooker can hold up to 12 eggs that are each placed on an individual spoon. Your guests decide how they like their eggs and set the timer themselves. To avoid mistakes, each handle has another colour. 

The “self-made” food preparation ensures the perfect breakfast egg for each of your guests as well as being a precious time-saver for you. In addition to the time-saving, the egg boiler FY-918 saves money, since much fewer eggs will be discarded.

The egg boiler is made from stainless steel and is powered with 230V. Therefore it can be plugged into any ordinary socket. The 2000W power means that the temperature can be quickly adjusted within its range of 30-110°C. The egg boiler is protected against overheating. The device switches off at a temperature of 130°C.
NOTE: before using the machine, make sure all the installation and electric connection coordinate with manufacture’s structure requires.
1. Put the eggs into the basket.
2. Put the baskets into the appliance evenly, make sure each basket against each hole of the spacer plate.
3. Fill the appliance with water, the water level can not exceed the MAX water level.
4. Rotate the thermostat knob to the maximum temperature, the indicator light will be on and the heater begins to work.
5. The boiling time is 6-8 minutes.
6. After finishing work, rotate the knob to 30℃, it will cut off the power to the heater, then unplug the plug and turn off the switch.
7. This appliance with 12 baskets with different colors, users can remember which egg is theirs and calculate the time easily.

Commercial Egg Cooker Kitchen Equipment Use in Hotel

Commercial egg cooker Model number: FY-918
Dimensions: 405*385*300MM
Gross Weight: 12KG
Power: 2000W

Standard carton box with foam inside for package
Or Polywood packed with carton if needed

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