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Bubble egg waffle maker Computer Board hong kong egg waffle maker

When you are walking on the street for shopping, you have seen so many people crowded in front of a bubble shop and queue up for tasty waffles with ice cream like this:

Bubble Waffle Machine in New York

At this time, you are tired of walking after long time and starving, it will be cool if you had some bubble waffles with ice cream, especially in Summer.

Since bubble waffle is getting more and more popular in street, bars, restaurant, shops etc, there are more and more people want to have their own bubble waffle shops,then there are some questions for them:
1. How do they start? what kind of machines, tools, waffle mix will be needed for making tasty waffles?
2. Where to buy high quality bubble waffle maker for commercial use, how to use bubble waffle maker and how to maintain bubble waffle machine?
3. How to use bubble waffle maker? How much degree should I set and how long it takes to make one waffle?

You will find answers for all the questions after studying different models for commercial use on our website, pls take some time and do some research, you will be able to find all answers and make right decision to choose reliable supplier who can offer high quality machines for you for continuously working.

When you choose bubble waffle maker, pls pay attention to following points which is very important:
1. Non-stick Telfon Coating
High quality waffle plate with 3 layers Non-stick Telfon Coating, waffle plate of all our bubble waffle maker are with 3 layers Telfon Coating, you can only know differences between 3 layers, 2 layers or even 1 layer Telfon Coating from other suppliers

2. Properly maintain machines
High quality waffle machines can assure your machine work continuously for at least 8 hours per day, kindly suggest to get at least 2 machines at peak hours if your business is very very good, machines will be working at about 170-180 degree, it will not be good to lifetime of waffle machine if working continuously without any rest under such high temperature, lifetime of waffle machine will be much longer if you get some machines work and some machines get some rest.

3. Heating elements
High quality heating elements can assure you offer tasty waffles continuously and fast, on the contrary, bad machines will only work 1 month or even in 1 week, machine stop heating, especially for machine used in 110V Voltage countries like US, Mexico, Colombia, Canada etc, want to know why? pls finish reading details of our commercial bubble waffle maker series, you will easily get answers and know more info which is needed for your business.

Now let’s get to know more about our digital bubble waffle maker with extra waffle plate:

New design digital bubble waffle maker with computer board after commerical egg waffle maker FY-GL01.

Features of bubble egg waffle maker:
1) With extra set of waffle plate
There are 2 options for you for extra set of waffle plate:
A: With 1 set of extra bubble waffle plate
Commercial Egg Waffle Maker with Extra waffle plate

B. Extra set of belgium waffle plate as follows:
Bubble Waffle Maker with Belgium waffle plate

2) Embeded Heating element design

Heating element Embeded in waffle plate, it will make sure waffle plate will reach 170-180 degree faster than other normal heating element, just put heating element on waffle plate.

Heat will reach everywhere even corner of waffle plate, this make sure there will be even heating of the whole plate, which is quite important for you and your clients to make tasty waffles.

Bubble waffle maker with embeded heating element design

3) Easy to clean waffle plate and easy to change waffle plate when necessary, it takes only 2 minutes to change waffle plate with small spanner offered along with machine

If you have used bubble waffle machines from other supplier, you may have 2 problems, one is cleaning, another one is it takes too much time and labor cost to change waffle plate, and it has to be done by professional technicians, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to change waffle plate, it is quite a long time, your customers will be  waiting for 30-40 miniutes to get one waffle? 

With this machine, you will never need to worry about about cleaning and changing waffle plate, cause even child can change it with spanners, and it only takes only about 2 minutes, simple and easy.

Easy to change waffle plate

Bubble egg waffle maker Computer Board hong kong egg waffle maker

Packing Size:505*315*345MM
Dimensions: 438*285*260MM
Gross Weight: 15KG
Power: 1750W

Standard carton box with foam inside for package
Or Polywood packed with carton if needed

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