Food equipment manufacturers met clients from Kuwait

Our engineer showed our visiting customer who is named Omar from Kuwait how to make bubble waffle, he’s been to many countries and said our bubble waffle tastes the same as he tried in New York.

It looks quite easy to operate the machine, but there’re several detail need to pay attention. Like the temperature should be around 180℃, don’t use any sharp or metal clip to take out bubble waffle, or it will scratches the non-stick Teflon coating on pan.

It’s better to rest liquid raw material over 15 minutes, so that the shape of bubble can be look more perfect. Take out the eggette waffle and put it on cooling rack for few minutes till it get crispy outside, it’s more delicious and easily get shape.

In Kuwait market waffle is popular and now bubble waffle machine is also getting more and more popular all over the world.

Omar is looking for machine which is perfect to combine with ice cream like bubble waffle and taiyaki, ice cream taiyaki maker is originate from Japan, it’s a fish shape waffle cone which also can put soft ice cream or ice cream ball inside. You can follow one store which called Taiyaki NYC on instagram then you’ll know how crazy that New York people like this little fish waffle cone.

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