Fast Food Equipment Customer From Russia

Today our friend from Russia visit us, we have a meeting and show them video of our production line, different samples in our showroom, and our engineer made bubble waffles with our machine to show them how to operate it.

They are doing franchise for fast food equipment with their own brand, and expand their business in many countries.

Now it’s a very attractive business to open a waffle shop which making popular snack like bubble waffles, mini pancakes, taiyaki, crepe etc, it’s easily catch on people’s eyes and inspire the appetite, and in case of you have a good and special recipe, you can expand your business very fast. You can see from our website that how is our customer making waffles in their waffle shop with our machine and recipe.

The most important things before you open a snack shop is that you need to find a good fast food equipment and good recipe, you’d like to say, there’re so many equipments with same exterior but very different prices, I bet you also have this experience. So how to choice a good bubble waffle machines?

1.Aluminum pan – most bubble waffle pan in Chinese market are aluminum with Teflon coating, with high density aluminum raw material can extend service life for waffle pan.

Teflon coating – high quality 3 layer Teflon coating can prevent waffle pan from getting sticky only use after few months, bad quality Teflon coating not only fall out very soon after long time high temperature cooking, it’s also bad for health

2.Thermostat – high quality thermostat can lower the temperature differences and provide better cooking experience

3.Heating plate – high density thermal fuse between heater can provide even heating, long time high temperature cooking easily breaking thermal fuse by bad heater, if one thermal fuse break, it will have chain reaction which cause whole heater doesn’t work.

Contact us to know more tips for how to maintain fast food equipment.